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journey of the AELSU ch2
"The ruins would hold great archaeological importance" Rebecca mussed "and we might even gain a lead on where the source of elder magic is located, and how much it has interacted with the people" 
Slowly the AELSU descended until they could look into the windows of the higher buildings through the AELSU's 360° magical observation projected onto any screen aboard, the scenery was nightmarish, a society had flourished here, clearly, unlike their own, which was built upon magic and science in equal measure, the ruins showed almost purely magical roots, with very little technological advance, almost as if their entire evolution had been magically jump-started under influence of the vast magical power, the only issue was, the numerous decayed corpses where human, how could they have ended up here, and built a society from scratch?
Henrietta had finished cleaning Lizzy and stared at the scenery from within the cockpit "L-Lizzy, any records on the arcs that left Origin Earth? she as
:iconabused-toy:abused-toy 4 25
Mature content
journey of the AELSU CH1 :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 3 11
AELSU blueprint (rough and wrong scale) by abused-toy AELSU blueprint (rough and wrong scale) :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 3 0
info sheet for interactive story
we'll follow the AELSU and it's crew as they explore a superplanet far out of charted space, from which lvl6 elder magic was detected, and of course, it all goes wrong
story will be written in mid-length chapters, at the end you, the readers get to vote on how the team proceeds, sometimes i'll ask for character-specific choices, other times i'll ask for general directives (example, investigate site, or move away)
all environment life support unit
(will draw a crude map in paint later today, or tomorrow)
a spaceship roughly the length of a large camper and twice as wide, plus a cockpit, features a magictec engine capable of running permanently at life supporting capacities (actually produces excess energy which can power additional features of the ship) also houses a small synthetic food farm producing blocks of flavored food which has all the nutrients needed to survive, the magitec engine also produces water both for drinking and bathing, AELSU have a cockpit fitting u
:iconabused-toy:abused-toy 3 6
maybe the knife? by abused-toy maybe the knife? :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 4 23 Jelle Bondage Bride by abused-toy Jelle Bondage Bride :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 16 12 Lilly Bondage Bride by abused-toy Lilly Bondage Bride :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 51 12 Master Sword by abused-toy Master Sword :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 2 4 Nico Robin Bondage Bride Tapegag by abused-toy Nico Robin Bondage Bride Tapegag :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 22 4 Nico Robin Bondage Bride by abused-toy Nico Robin Bondage Bride :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 8 5
disclaimer base
ALERT- (spoiler warning) -ALERT
-comments appreciated over faves-
PSA- for optimal enjoyment of this fanfic, watching/reading (name) is recommended -PSA
PSA- text in between a pair of * is text the character thinks -PSA
notes and memo's
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soooo by abused-toy soooo :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 1 8 Hanako Alabasta Outfit by abused-toy
Mature content
Hanako Alabasta Outfit :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 23 3
Hanako Bondage Bride by abused-toy
Mature content
Hanako Bondage Bride :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 19 15
Pichu got away! by abused-toy Pichu got away! :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 6 24 Tsuyu Bagged And Gagged By He4rt-Br34k by abused-toy
Mature content
Tsuyu Bagged And Gagged By He4rt-Br34k :iconabused-toy:abused-toy 21 18


Bagged! by amaterasu2142
Mature content
Bagged! :iconamaterasu2142:amaterasu2142 2 1
Stream Lineart - Hana, One Week Later by Humite-Ubie
Mature content
Stream Lineart - Hana, One Week Later :iconhumite-ubie:Humite-Ubie 69 1
Futaba SOS by MrGagFoot Futaba SOS :iconmrgagfoot:MrGagFoot 484 47 Plan to escape by siwawuth Plan to escape :iconsiwawuth:siwawuth 50 1 Futaba Taped by jitan777
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Futaba Taped :iconjitan777:jitan777 402 24
Commission - Natsuko and Tayuya kidnapped! Page 3 by Tsinji
Mature content
Commission - Natsuko and Tayuya kidnapped! Page 3 :icontsinji:Tsinji 179 20
Futa Squid Girls by Marxinato
Mature content
Futa Squid Girls :iconmarxinato:Marxinato 253 27
Sakura and Sumire cautived by Movi-Viento
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Sakura and Sumire cautived :iconmovi-viento:Movi-Viento 19 0
Shostia Blindfolded by Movi-Viento
Mature content
Shostia Blindfolded :iconmovi-viento:Movi-Viento 37 0
Fate series - Medusa by GBeeee Fate series - Medusa :icongbeeee:GBeeee 590 47 Nekora Sketch by Raver1357 by Master-Geass Nekora Sketch by Raver1357 :iconmaster-geass:Master-Geass 76 3 catch em all  Serena by SraSomeone
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catch em all Serena :iconsrasomeone:SraSomeone 204 5
Mature content
The Things The Maid Is Not Allowed To Do At MIRAGE :iconhollowmask:hollowmask 18 17
Yakumo executed 4 by Movi-Viento
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Yakumo executed 4 :iconmovi-viento:Movi-Viento 29 0
Commission: In Heat by Geknebelt
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Commission: In Heat :icongeknebelt:Geknebelt 381 13
I wore the wrong shoes... by Skyverfox
Mature content
I wore the wrong shoes... :iconskyverfox:Skyverfox 55 63


by Femfan1

vision, i take this as how good i could "visualize" the situation, 4.5 originality, sadly, not so much, there's a lot of tape suffocati...




I should have gotten Xcom on PC, mooooods.... eh, once i finish with it i can still grab it and sell the ps4 version
I should have gotten Xcom on PC, mooooods.... eh, once i finish with it i can still grab it and sell the ps4 version
Playing xcom 2
Medic gets knocked unconcious at the start of a hard, long mission
Sniper carries her ass thru
Get to evac zone
Grenadier gets shot dead at the last second
new email setup, anyone who has my old email, and plans to still email me, sent me a note with details about your last emails to me so i can verify

swear to god they lock me out of this one i'm sending them a bomb package fking hell
microsoft outlook is the most useless bullshit email service ever created

me i'd love to see a mashup of xcom and fallout, mainly xcom's gameplay and developement of weapons/units and permadeath coupled with fallout's open world, lore, and fallout 4's basebuilding

the general idea i have is you split your team in two, up to 3 soldiers+an animal companion (dogmeat at first but later on tamed radscorpions or deathclaws) while the others remain at base and defend/farm food/research technology and control both at the same time

combat would be an almost carbon copy of xcom, with the addition of carryweight on weapons, no limit on amount of weapons but an "equip" limit of 2, the 2 equiped weapons are all you get to use in battle, out of combat you can access all gear and re-equip, and an actuall ammo system (one xcom seems to miss, sadly) characters take turns and have 2 actions base, with perks for a possible 3rd action, guaranteed 3rd action, and possible 4th action attainable, survivor mode would include food drink and sleep costs too

in the base, settlers can be assigned to farming crops and manning defenses, at any point you can take control of them to take care of maintenance, such as generators failing or a brahmin or radstag trying to escape their paddock, settlers would come in 3 types, child, adult, and pensioner, adults are the basic "use them as you see fit" type, children cannot be used for combat or assigned to defense, but can work fields and add a "motivation" buff for all adult settlers, providing bonus stats, capping at 3 children, pensioners cannot work or defend at all, but can be assigned to lookout duty (though they'll have a randomized napping problem which you'll have to kick them out of) pensioners, due to their experience at life, ad an "experienced" buff to all settlers and adventurers increasing EXP by 5%, only one pensioner can give the buff at a time

settlers (and adventurers) grow older over time and if they live long enough might die of old age

development will also be done at the base, this includes advanced base defense, automated turrets, lighting, a radio to contact the adventurers (if there's no radio you'll have to check in on the base often to make sure nothing goes wrong) more advanced generators and water purifiers, medication, cages to capture wasteland critters and beasts (for meat or purposes outlined further below) and power armor upgrades and maintenance

on the subject of power armor, fusion cores would be rechargeable (a time consuming process only possible if the core is ejected before draining fully) and can be crafted (but cost tons of rare material) to balance gameplay only 2 suits can be maintained at a time, and it's up tot he player if they send both out on missions, or use both for defense, or split it up

caught critters can be set loose in a paddock, where they'll reproduce and can be killed for meat, while meat isn't a necessary food (survival or not) having meat in their diets makes settlers less prone to disease, caught beasts can be kept in cages, they can be released when the settlement is attacked and will function as 3'd party combatants hostile to both you and the opponents (lock your doors, and don't open the cages if others of their species attack, or they might become friends) finally, once certain science and charisma requirements are met, a settler can take eggs bred by select creatures (the egg laying ones) such as radscorpions and deathclaws and attempt to raise these as stronger versions of dogmeat (radscorpions would lose dogmeat's ability to track enemy types and resource materials by scent, and deathclaws can only track living (non robot) enemies, a tradeoff for their greater combat ability, another risk will be their loyalty, dogs remain loyal till the end, while wounded tamed creatures might flee, if they go without food, might turn on your adventurers, and will have a "loyalty" meter to maintain such as by praising them for their work and maintaining a healthy relationship

since the nature of the permadeath system would eliminate an immortal main character and make a game over system tough to implement (whats to stop suicide if a valuable ally falls?) the story cannot be character based, but would instead be something like "increase settlement size to a city scale and re-establish society" or other goals achieved over generations and not by a single character

on the subject of disease, illnesses will largely carry over from fallout 4's survival mode

weakness is no longer an illness but medical condition, in the field, bullet wounds will not be able to be treated 
perfectly, the weakness condition sets in, with the effect unchanged

infection remains unchanged

poison doesn't deal damage over time, instead it becomes fatal after an amount of ingame days

fatigue becomes sleep deprived, it is cured upon sleeping 8 hours

insomnia reduces the amount of sleep gained by 25%; 8 hours of sleep would count as 6

lethargy might result in losing an action each turn for 2 days

parasites remains, but also increases susceptibility to other diseases 

depression is added, a 1- to all stats, cured over time by spending time with other human characters, lone survivors cannot be cured until getting back to base


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
i have a lot of intrests, reigning from simple tie up games to being totaly dominated and even dangerous things like breath play


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